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All sample applications are part of the com.jobjects.jst.test package. To run provided code you will need to add samples directory to your CLASSPATH environment variable.

Windows Registry access

RegistryTest is a simple Java application that demonstrates usage of the RegistryManager interface. Providing different command line parameters you can create registry keys, enumerate subkeys and set or delete registry key values.

Java application as NT Service

InstallServiceTest shows how to install Java application as NT service. There is an appropriate example for service removal too (DeleteServiceTest). Note: To install or remove system service on NT you may need administrative priviledges.

TestService is a small Java service that handles all signals received from the Service Control Manager. This service does nothing except that it logs a message in the service-log.txt file every 15 seconds. This file will appear in you current directory or in a directory specified in by If this directory requires certain user access permissions you will have to specify username and password for the service (check for details).

Note that after it has been installed by the InstallServiceTest application, test service won't start automatically. To start or stop the service use Services applet from the Control Panel (TestService will should appear as "JObjects JST - Service example"). The information about received signal will be logged in the service-log.txt.